Structural Solutions

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SteOn Structural Solutions

SteOn offers structural services that are unique to every client, our pragmatic, customer focused approach to structural solutions allows us to work across a variety of industries and project sizes. Our experienced team maintain the highest possible standards from the planning stage to completion. We work closely with clients to establish time-frames, individual requirements and costs, and throughout the project we maintain open lines of communication meaning that the voices of our homeowners/developers are heard and understood at all times.

Meticulous planning is integral. Our team of expert engineers work tirelessly at the planning stage to establish the optimal environment for work to take place, our careful analysis and planning process is designed to deliver the highest quality structural solutions for our clients.

Our structural services are offered across a range of industries and some examples of the work provided include but are not limited to the installation of:

• Lintels
• Lighting and fixtures
• Beams
• Roof work
• Walls and ceilings
• Structural support work including underpinning
• Loft conversions

We strive to provide structural solutions in the most hassle-free way possible for our clients. Our rigorous attention to detail, as well as expert architectural planning means that the team handle all aspects of the project from inception to completion. All costs, time-scales and requirements are discussed at the initial planning stage, and our adaptable approach too structural solutions means that we are able to offer a range of bespoke services.

We are experienced in providing structural solutions to a range of clients for small and large scale projects. As well as this, we are also experienced in working with a range of settings including modern residential and industrial buildings, to historic architecture. When working with historic buildings, our teams are experienced in using practices which ensure the integrity of the site. We also take great care in providing solutions which minimise local disruption to foot and road traffic. Health and safety is a key aspect of all work and we work carefully to ensure that all work that takes places is done so in a careful and environmentally friendly manner. Our team of experts provide structural solutions across a wide range of settings including but not limited to:

• Residential Properties
• Retail and specialist properties
• Offices and other workplaces
• Educational buildings
• Hospitals and GP surgeries

On completion of work, provide dedicated aftercare services which ensure that all work has been completed to the highest possible standard and that our clients are fully satisfied with the finished product.

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