Mechanical & Electrical Solutions

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Electrical & Mechanical Services

We offer expert mechanical and electrical services including installation, maintenance and testing across a range of industries throughout the UK. Our team have extensive experience in the delivery of mechanical and electrical services and all work is carried out to the highest standard. We work closely with clients to establish a bespoke plan in which we carefully outline all requirements and specifications. Flexibility is key to our success and we are able to offer services from small to large scale.

All mechanical and electrical work carried out is done by highly qualified experts, and we employ stringent health and safety measures during all projects.

Electrical Services

Electrical services cover a wide range of sectors, and our team of experts are experienced in the installation, servicing and testing of electrical systems on both small and large scale projects. Some of these projects include but are not limited to:

• Commercial and Industrial HVAC
• Security System Installation
• Fire Alarm Installation
• Lighting and Emergency Lighting System Installation
• Data and Communication Installation

All electrical services provided by us are completed by qualified experts to the highest standard of safety. Our comprehensive service and aftercare solutions means that we closely monitor all installations after completion, and this goes hand in hand with our key ethos of delivering exceptional customer service. Our dynamic and flexible approach means that decisions work can be carried out on notice, and our open lines of communication means that our clients voice is always valued. Through health and safety analysis is covered by a detailed risk assessment that is carried out prior to each installation, and all staff are well trained in the necessary training to ensure that the site always remains a safe place.

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Mechanical Services

Mechanical services are carried out by highly qualified experts who are experienced in providing solutions across a range of sectors and job sizes. From small scale mechanical installations to large scale utility system installations, our experts deliver the same high quality, customer focused service. Mechanical services offered include but are not limited to:

• Water System Installation
• Heating System Installation
• Ventilation System Installation
• Mains and Gas Installation

All services offered are applicable to smaller scale domestic settings and large scale commercial establishments including retail, hospitality and educational settings. Each project is planned meticulously and we work closely with our clients to establish individual needs and specifications. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers are proficient in the installation of systems and do so to the highest standards of health and safety. Our relationship with long-term, trusted partners ensure that all materials and equipment procured is industry leading. Our open lines of communication with developers and project managers means that our installation services are bespoke to each project. From inception to completion and beyond, we ensure that all projects are carried out to the highest possible standard.