Demolition & Strip Outs

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Strip-Out & Demolition

SteOn provide expert demolition and strip out services across a variety of industries across the UK. Our experienced workforce are able to provide bespoke strip-out services and we take care of all aspects of the process on behalf of our clients. From standalone demolition projects, to strip out work as part of a larger demolition, we are able to provide cost efficient, high quality services in the safest and most hassle free way possible. We work carefully to constantly minimise disruption from the planning stage to completion.

Careful planning is an integral part of our strip-out and demolition projects, this means that a consultation with our clients will take place before any work is started. This allows us to hear the individual needs of the client as well as answer any questions that they may have. At the consultation stage we also take care of all matters concerning the decommissioning and disposal of materials and machinery, both of which are taken care of by our team, meaning that our customers avoid the hassle and expense of arranging individual recovery.

We provides strip-out and demolition services across a range of industries and we offer services to jobs of all size. Our extensive process takes care of all aspects of the project, meaning that our clients save time and expenses as they do not need to hire several contractors to manage individual parts of the project. The strip-out and demolition process includes:

• Building de-commissioning
• Disconnection of utilities including the draining of the water supply and shutting down HVAC systems
• Asset removal
• Asset transportation and storage

Our skilled team offer bespoke services across all sizes of projects including precision internal demolitions on existing buildings. Other internal strip-out and demolition work provided include:

• Structural dismantling of fixtures, walls ceilings and fittings
• Installation of temporary works
• Decommissioning and disposal of waste

All waste disposal carried out by us is done in an environmentally friendly way by using suitable recycling processes. All removal of hazardous materials are dealt with safely and our meticulous approach to health and safety means that clients can be certain that our experienced team follow all environmental guidelines when dealing with the removal of materials.

From planning to inception, we maintain open lines of communication with our clients. Our focus on client voice ensures that our work meets their standards throughout. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service during each stage of the strip-out process, and this starts with an in depth consultation where all requirements and specifications are planned. Our pragmatic approach to strip-out work means that we are versatile and adaptable. We offer our services across a range of industries including but not limited to:

• Residential properties
• Retail and Shopping Outlets
• Industrial units including warehouse strip-out and demolition
• Educational settings including schools and universities
• Hospitals, GP Surgeries and Clinics

On completion of work, we provide dedicated aftercare services which ensure that all work has been completed to the highest possible standard and that our clients are fully satisfied with the finished product.

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