Bespoke Joinery Services

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Joinery & Furnishings

SteOn offer high quality bespoke joinery solutions with all materials procured from our trusted network of partners. With over 20 years experience in the design and installation of bespoke joinery, we offer solutions to clients across a range of industries and projects of all sizes. Our services include both internal and external joinery and our design, implementation and aftercare process means that the individual requirements and specifications of our clients are heard at each stage of the project.

We offer services to a wide range of clients, each with their own needs. Some of the settings that we're able to offer bespoke joinery solutions to include, but are not limited to:

• Residential property owners
• Business and Retail settings
• Offices and Warehouses
• Bars and Restaurants
• Educational Buildings
• Specialist buildings including historically important properties

All materials, including flooring and furniture are procured by the designers at SteOn. This means that our clients save the time and costs associated with using third parties. All materials and furnishings that we procure are from our trusted partners with whom with have often worked with for many years. This allows us to acquire the highest quality materials, whilst also saving our clients substantial costs. All materials and furnishings are bespoke to the clients specifications, and our talented team are dynamic in their approach to creating tailor made flooring and furnishings for each client.

For property owners, we offer a range of bespoke internal and external joinery solutions. Our team of designers work closely with each client to plan out their desired look and specifications. Our experienced team will then get to work in procuring materials, before moving on to the installation. Some examples of internal and external joinery solutions that we provide include:


• Kitchens
• Furnishings
• Staircases
• Roof Lighting
• Flooring
• Skirting


• Windows
• Doors
• Framing
• Soffits and Facias

For buildings of historic importance, we are experienced in using the appropriate methods which ensure the structural integrity of the existing structure is not compromised. We are on hand to assist clients who have any questions regarding the legal requirements for work on historic buildings.

Commercial Properties

We provide professional joinery services to a range of commercial properties. As with our residential work, clients in the commercial sector can expect the highest quality joinery solutions with us. Our experienced team are able to procure specialty commercial materials from our trusted partners. We work closely with clients to create bespoke designs that are customised to the required specifications, and our installation team ensure all work is done to the highest quality. We're able to provide joinery solutions to a wide range of commercial properties including, but not limited to:

• Retail spaces
• Shop fronts
• Display units
• Hospitality areas including bars and restaurants
• Film, photography and theatre sets

As well as providing high quality joinery solutions, we appreciate the importance of budget and time constraints, therefore we work to provide high quality work that minimise disruption. Our expert team, and trusted partners allow clients who use us for their joinery to save on expenses.

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