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Retail and Industrial Unit Refurbishments

We provide high quality refurbishment solutions for retail and hospitality brands across the UK. Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in the redesign and refurbishment of retail and commercial centres including; fashion outlets, specialist retailers, restaurants, estate agents and more. Refurbishment of retail spaces is key for attracting new customers. Retail stores that are vibrant, contemporary and reflect the core values of a company are far more likely to attract and retain customers. High quality interior design and layouts present a message of professionalism, this allows retailers to stand out in the fiercely competitive retail and hospitality industry. Outdated retail and hospitality spaces often suffer from ageing furnishings and lightenings. Often, space is not correctly utilised and store rooms that are poorly kept create a sense of chaos and disorganisation for staff. As well as this, it is important for the health and safety of staff and customers that retail and hospitality spaces are well-maintained, and that key structural areas are in the best condition.

We prioritise convenience and client-voice and we strive to constantly incorporate our clients company values in our work. We offer a wide range of refurbishments including transforming the function of existing rooms. This includes, but is not limited to the refurbishment of; shop fronts, fitting rooms, store rooms and kitchens, as well as fit-outs of the main shop/restaurant floor.

Refurbishment with us is cost effective and is carried out by experienced professionals. We provide a design and build service from inception to completion. During the planning stage, experts will work closely with clients to plan and design your new retail setting. It is during this time that clients can add their own flair to the design, we ensure that all clients voices are heard. Unique touches are added throughout, company branding is added, as well as specific requests in terms of colour, layout and furniture are also added at this point. Experienced professionals carry out the work, and the highest quality equipment and materials are used at every stage of the refurbishment. We are extremely mindful of providing fit-out and refurbishment work on tight time scales and we appreciate the importance of causing minimal disruption. Open lines of communication during the refurbishment process means that clients who use us are always kept up to date and their input is welcomed throughout.

For industrial fit-outs and refurbishments, we are on hand to provide services to a range of services including; warehouse and machinery refurbishment, building refurbishment, exterior refurbishment including car parks, entrances, walls and roofing. With over 20 years experience, we pride ourselves on versatility. This allows us to be fully adaptable to the needs of all clients across the retail and industry sector. Some of the most popular areas for refurbishments across retail and industrial settings include:

Retail Spaces

We have served a wide range of clients in the retail industry and our experienced team are on hand to provide retailers with outstanding retail fit-out and refurbishment services. The value of a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing retail space cannot be understated. Our designers work closely with stakeholders to produce retail spaces that reflect brand values. We are fully adaptable to the needs of our clients and we listen carefully to your vision and we work tirelessly to achieve this.


We are able to provide high quality showroom fit-outs & refurbishments. From the design stage to the installation we work closely with clients to produce showrooms that are modern, spacious and aesthetically pleasing. We procure the highest quality furnishings through our vast network of trusted partners. Our team work meticulously to provide clients with a showroom settings that reflect our clients professionalism, whilst inspiring staff and customers.

Storerooms and Warehouses

The behind the scenes of any retail and commercial business is arguably just as important as the main showroom/retail space. This is why we work closely with our clients to provide fit-outs and refurbishments to storerooms and warehouses. Cluttered, unorganised storerooms can negatively impact store performance. Dilapidated warehouses may pose a risk to health and safety. In many cases it may be the case that storerooms and warehouses suffer from insufficient space and ageing structures. A refurbishment to this space can prove invaluable for staff safety and morale. Refurbishments in these areas will also make audits and the monitoring of stock much easier.

Hospitality Fit-Out & Refurbishmen

We offer a range of fit-out and refurbishment services across the hospitality sector. We provide turnkey restaurant fit-outs from design to installation, and we work closely with business owners to create hospitality spaces that reflect to values and clientele of a range of restaurants and hotels. We procure all fittings and furnishings from our trusted partners with whom we have built relationships with over our 20 years of providing high quality fit-outs and refurbishments. We also offer services to all other hospitality areas including; hotel rooms, lobbies, kitchens and more. We are an experienced team of versatile professionals and we work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality results for our clients.

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