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Leisure and Fitness Centre Refurbishment

We offer a range of expert refurbishment solutions for Leisure and Fitness Centres across the UK. Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in the redesign and refurbishment of Leisure and Fitness settings including; Gyms, Sports Centres, Swimming Centres and Community Centres. Refurbishment of Leisure and Fitness is important for customer acquisition and well-being. Leisure and Fitness Centres that are modern, spacious and well-equipped are far more likely to attract customers. These centres are also more likely to develop a good reputation for value for money, as well as producing better results for customers whether this be in terms of fitness or mental well-being . Outdated gyms and leisure centres are often in need of refurbishment due to their age and inability to make use of modern equipment, therefore it is important that they are kept up to date and well maintained. As well as this, it is also an important for the health and safety of staff and customers that the site is well-maintained and that key structural areas such as the roof are in the best condition.

We prioritise convenience and client-voice, we offer a wide range of refurbishments including transforming the function of existing rooms. This includes, but is not limited to; the refurbishment of the main fitness area, the refurbishment of changing rooms, complete redecoration of the centre to bring it up to date and replace old fittings and furniture.

Refurbishment with us is cost effective and carried out by experienced professionals. We provide a design and build service from inception to completion. During the planning stage, our experts will work closely with clients to plan and design your new fitness and leisure setting. It is during this time that clients can add their own flair to the design, we ensure that all clients voices are heard. Unique touches are added throughout, company branding can be added, as well as specific requests in terms of colour, layout and furniture are also added at this point. Experienced professionals carry out the work, and the highest quality equipment and materials are used at every stage of the refurbishment.

We are extremely mindful of providing fit-out and refurbishment work on tight time scales and we appreciate the importance of causing minimal disruption. Open lines of communication during the refurbishment process means that clients are always kept up to date and their input is welcomed throughout.

For Leisure and Fitness refurbishments, we are on hand to design and deliver in a variety of areas across a range of settings. Our refurbishments are truly unique to each client, and no project looks the same. This means that we are fully adaptable to the needs of all clients. Some of the most popular areas for refurbishments across Leisure and Fitness projects include:

Gym Floor Refurbishment

We are experienced in transforming gym floors in to modern, attractive fitness areas that are carefully designed and professionally installed. In the competitive fitness industry, it is important that the gym floor is well designed and equipped. We are able to work closely with our clients to develop outstanding results. It is often the case that Gyms are in need of refurbishment to accommodate for modern fitness machinery. We are able to design floor plans that make use of space, and create vibrant centres of fitness. We provide the complete refurbishment of key areas including floors, roofs and other structures. We are able to install new media and sound systems as well as full re-decoration. No matter the size of the job, we're on hand to provide a professional refurbishment to gym floors and surrounding areas.

Changing Room Refurbishment

Any successful Leisure and Fitness Centre needs spacious, well equipped changing facilities. Our team of expert installers are able to provide the full refurbishment of changing facilities, including the repurposing of rooms into changing facilities. We will take care of all aspects of the refurbishment process including the stripping out of old fixtures and furniture and the installation of plumbing, electrics and fittings.

Reception Area Refurbishment

The reception area of a Leisure and Fitness Centre is often the first thing that people will see when they enter the building. Therefore, the reception should reflect the values and professionalism of the company. We are able to provide full refurbishments for reception areas, including the repurposing of areas and the addition of seating and dining areas. We work closely with our clients in the leisure and fitness industry to provide bespoke refurbishments no matter the size of the project.

Community Centre Refurbishment

Community centres often act as important hubs for people of the local area, and it is important that they are equipped with modern facilities to engage visitors. We understand budget constraints, this is why we work closely with local councils to plan budget-friendly refurbishments to local community centres. We are able to repurpose areas into sports and leisure areas. We are also on hand to provide structural refurbishments as well as plumbing and electrical improvements, designed to make community centres safer and more welcoming for visitors. No job is too big or too small and we work incredibly hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, carried out by our team of experts.

Specialist Sports Centres including Rehabilitation Facilities

We pride ourselves on our versatility. This means that we are able to provide refurbishment solutions to a range of specialist sports centres and rehabilitation facilities. From the comprehensive refurbishment of indoor sports centres to the conversion of existing rooms into sports centres, we work closely with our clients to deliver a wide range of services. Rehabilitation centres can benefit from the professional refurbishment of existing rooms into modern facilities.

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