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Healthcare Refurbishment

SteOn offer a range of expert refurbishment solutions for Healthcare establishments across the UK. Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in the redesign and refurbishment of Healthcare settings including; Hospitals, GP Surgeries and Dental practices. Refurbishment of healthcare settings is key for staff and patient morale. Healthcare environments that are modern, clean and welcoming provide patients with confidence and reassurance. Healthcare centres are often in need of refurbishment due to their age and inability to make use of modern equipment, therefore it is important that they are kept up to date and well maintained. We prioritise convenience and client-voice, we offer a wide range of refurbishments including transforming the function of existing rooms. This includes, but is not limited to; the addition of extra GP consultation room, the extension of waiting rooms, and the expansion of hospital wards.

Refurbishment with us is cost effective and is carried out by experienced professionals. We provide a design and build service from inception to completion. During the planning stage, our experts will work closely with clients to plan and design your new healthcare setting. It is during this time that clients can add their own flair to the design, we ensure that all clients voices are heard. Unique touches are added throughout, experienced professionals carry out the work, and the highest quality equipment and materials are used at every stage of the refurbishment.

For healthcare refurbishments, we are on hand to design and deliver in a variety of areas across a range of projects. Our refurbishments are truly unique to each client, and no project looks the same. This means that we are fully adaptable to the needs of all clients. Some of the most popular areas for refurbishments across Healthcare settings include:

GP Surgeries

We are experienced in the refurbishment of GP Surgeries. This includes; reception areas, waiting rooms, consultation rooms and clinics. We appreciate the importance of tight time scales, and budgets, therefore we work closely with clients to deliver outstanding refurbishment work with time and budget in mind. Refurbishment of GP surgeries are important in providing staff and patients with the reassurance of a clean, professional and modern practice. Advancements in technology means that many surgeries are in need of improvement to make room for new equipment. We are experienced in working with clients to develop modern, spacious GP surgery refurbishments that are designed to handle increased patient numbers, and provide a safe and reassuring environment for staff and patients.

Waiting Areas

Waiting area refurbishment is key for patient reassurance and anxiety reduction. Tired waiting areas do not make for a welcoming experience for patients. By working closely with SteOn Construction Ltd, clients can benefit from the development of a modern, spacious waiting area. Key areas for waiting room refurbishments are furniture and lighting. We are able to strip out old seating areas and lighting fixtures and install comfortable seats which make more use of space and reduce overcrowding in. Well-lit waiting areas provide a reassuring aesthetic, again something which is key in reducing patient stress. Modern communication equipment can also be installed, designed to speed up the transition process of patients and reduce stress and workload on reception staff.

Hospital Wards

Hospital wards may need refurbishment for a variety of reasons. Many wards need added space to cope with increased patients. Others may need modernising to adapt with new technology. Particularly old hospital wards may need a complete refurbishment to improve aesthetic and functionality. We are experienced in the refurbishment of hospital wards. Our team of experts are able to strip out old fittings, lightening and furniture and replace it with a modern space that has been carefully designed and is capable of handling increased patients, whilst adapting to the demands of modern technology. We work closely with our clients at the planning stage to ensure they are completely satisfied with the proposal, and then it is up to the team of experts to carry out the refurbishment of the premises. With over 20 years experience in commercial and domestic refurbishment, our clients can rest assured that they are in the hands of experts who prioritise time constraints and work to the upmost professionalism.

Specialist Areas

SteOn Construction Ltd are experienced in the full refurbishment of a range of specialist medical areas, including but not limited to; mobile medical units, specialist diagnostic areas including MRI and X-Ray rooms, and private consultation rooms. In some cases, refurbishment may include minor cosmetic improvements whilst others may require updates in lightening, floors and function. We are on hand to provide refurbishments to all sizes of projects. We work closely with our clients at the planning stage to discuss individual needs. Specialist areas including mobile units can benefit from the cost-efficiency of a refurbishment. By modernising older structures, our clients do not need to pay the costs of a complete rebuild. We provide flexible refurbishment solutions, meaning we can transform the function of specialist medical areas. We can replace outdated wiring, and make the rooms suitable for modern diagnostic equipment.

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