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Educational Refurbishment

We offer a range of expert refurbishment solutions for educational establishments across the UK. Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in the redesign and refurbishment of educational settings including; nurseries, schools, university campuses, and student accommodation.

Refurbishment of educational spaces provides an optimal environment for learning to take place. Learning environments that are up to date, clean and engaging provide students with confidence to flourish. Tired learning environments negatively impact the morale of educators and learners, therefore it is important that they are kept up to date and well maintained.

Refurbishment with us is cost effective and carried out by experienced professionals. We provide a design and build service from inception to completion. During the planning stage, our experts will work closely with educators and local authorities to plan and design your new educational setting. It is during this time that clients can add their own flair to the design, we ensure that all clients voices are heard. Unique touches are added throughout, experienced professionals carry out the work, and the highest quality equipment and materials are used at every stage of the refurbishment.

For educational refurbishments, we are on hand to design and deliver in a variety of areas across all educational levels from nurseries to universities. Our refurbishments are truly unique to each client, and no project looks the same. This means that we are fully adaptable to the needs of all clients. Some of the most popular areas for refurbishments across educational settings include:

Classroom Refurbishments

It is well known that engaging learning environments are conducive to effective teaching and learning. Classrooms are the focal point of this learning and therefore it is imperative that these environments are safe, welcoming and make use of space. We work closely with educators to plan and install effective learning environments. We tailor the design to the specific needs of the educational setting. This can mean that we prioritise specific things such as space for large classes, accessibility for students with SEN or modern, digital learning environments with up to date smart boards.


Outdated corridors can have a negative impact on student behaviour, as well as presenting a poor image to visitors. Older corridors were often not designed to cope with high foot-traffic, and poor logistical design can lead to crushes, posing a serious risk to health and safety. We are on hand to strip out old corridor fittings and install updated walk ways and communal areas that breathe new life into educational settings, whilst providing safer areas for students between classes.

Reception area

The reception area of schools, colleges and universities is the first area that visitors see when they enter the building. It is important that this area gives a positive message. We are experienced in redesigning educational reception areas. We redesign the reception are to provide visitors and students with a modern, welcoming entrance to the building. During the design stage we are able to implement school mottos and quotes, mascots and student achievement to truly promote the school and give a community feel to the entrance of the building.

Canteen and Dining areas

Refurbishment of educational canteens and dining areas are important for student safety and behaviour. Older canteens can look tired, and in need of work. Often they are do not make use of space and can become overcrowded. We have years of experience in the redesign of educational canteens and dining areas, including kitchen areas. We are able to strip out old fittings and fixtures, remove old furniture and flooring and replace it with modern, high quality materials that have been carefully planned to be unique to the clients requirements.

Specialist Areas including Science Labs and Food Tech Rooms

Specialist areas such as science labs can benefit from refurbishment. Modern technology means that many of these areas are not up to date, and are unable to make use of things such as digital and collaborative learning. IT rooms can benefit from refurbishment with us. Our team of experts will work closely with educators to design and install modern, engaging specialist areas that are guaranteed to improve student learning whilst making the most of modern equipment including computers, kitchen appliances and science equipment.

Student Accommodation

Modern student accommodation is key in student acquisition for educational establishments across the UK. Poorly maintained student accommodation can negatively impact student morale, whilst also posing a risk to health and safety. We work closely with schools and universities to provide expert refurbishment to student accommodation. From planning to implementation, we ensure that student accommodation is transformed into vibrant, welcoming areas of learning for tenants. Communal areas can be redesigned to make use of space, appliances and light fittings replaced to give a truly modern feeling to the area, and bedrooms and bathrooms transformed into modern, comfortable areas by using high quality materials designed to last.

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